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Terms and Conditons

This platform is a freelance marketplace for musicians.



  • You will find professional musicians on the website to hire.
  • Ensure you clearly state all conditions of the job, please indicate location and time.
  • You make payment and refund is guaranteed if the musician fails to discharge his or her duties
  • There is no refund for already engaged/hired gig except it's the musicians fault.
  • We also notify another musician(if available) incase the musician you hired failed to arrive on time.
  • You are also at liberty to raise a dispute request on the website or via our whatsapp line if there was any issues with the musician


  • You get hired and you are guaranteed to get paid immediately as long as you do your job and your employer confirms it.
  • Your money is not held by your employer, it's held by us to ensure funds security.
  • Ensure to arrive at the location for the job not less than 15 minutes before the time of occasion unless you will be penalized and your gig could be given to someone else.
  • You will be banned from the website If you have been reported multiple times.
  • If you have any dispute with your employer, kindly raise a dispute request on the website or better still contact us via Whatsapp.

N.B : Please take note that to keep this service running and improving we generate revenue by applying a onetime 5% charge on all completed gigs. Profile Credits are used to create and send proposals.